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Feature Product

GardenFlex Greenhouse

Mini Green House

Mini greenhouses offer a compact and efficient solution for gardeners looking to extend their growing season. These portable structures are perfect for small spaces, allowing for the cultivation of herbs, flowers, and vegetables in a controlled environment. With easy assembly and durable materials, mini greenhouses are an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced gardeners alike.


Building Supply

sand paper roll 4x24

Custom Sand Paper Roll (Custom width and grit)

Plumbing coupling

6 PCs 1/2″ Brass Push-to-Connect Coupling

6 PCs 1/2″ Brass Push-to-Connect End Cap

6 PCs 1/2″ Brass Push-to-Connect Tee

6 PCs 1/2″ Brass Push-to-Connect 90 Degree Angle

crimp ring

1/2-inch Copper PEX Crimp Ring (100-Pack)

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